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Liora was born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. In 1990 she met her husband, Antony Greenstein, and moved to Hong Kong with him 6 weeks later. They have four miracle children, David Joshua (David Yehoshua), Jessica Cara (Yehudit Chen), Mathew Aaron (Matityahu Aharon), Benjamin Gil (Binyamin Gil) and one daughter, Rafaela Bo (Rafaela Batiya OBM) up in the Shamyim. She devotes her time, creative talent and energies into raising her family.


A spiritual soul, Liora derives her artistic inspiration from the world all around.  From man made structures and items to, nature, colour,  life, people and relationships.  She has a keen ability to see through layers and an eye that doesn’t miss much.  


Liora is of Jewish faith and believes that her talent is a gift from G-d.  When she paints, she combines her spiritual connections with earthly matters, thereby bringing a bit of Heaven down to earth, in a desire to have G-dliness and peace on earth.


In order to combine these in a balanced form, Liora starts each painting with BH (in Hebrew) which means “with the help of G-d”  She then carefully draws one letter from the Hebrew alphabet in pencil and then paints it in with the ink that scribes use to write the Torah on parchment.  This creates a unity between the paintings wherever they are.  Hebrew letters have great mystical and numerical value and meaning .  Her actual painting method is one of extreme sensitivity and oneness with her materials.  Each one of her paintings have a spiritual story, and many many layers.  It is up to the viewer to look, see, contemplate and discover something new!  Or if you need, simply ask!

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